Un-Sit Your Life

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Barbara and Kevin Kunz are innovators in harnessing the reflex for well being. With a long time expertise in reflexology, the Kunzes now turn their attention to finding a solution to uninterrupted sitting, Un-Sit Your Life, The Reflex Diet Solution, Change your sitting habits, Empower your life.
The Kunz are internationally recognized authorities in reflexology as well as best-selling authors of 18 books about reflexology published in 20 languages with 60 foreign editions. The Kunzes have practiced, taught, and researched reflexology for more than 30 years.

What prompted the exploration of sitting too much by two internationally recognized reflexologists, authors, teachers and researchers? As the authors note:
It was a newspaper article about a study: people who sit more than six hours a day die 14 years earlier than those who don’t. Barbara’s first thought: since they sit so much, these people aren’t getting enough pressure applied to the bottoms of their feet. This was familiar territory as we have spent a lifetime exploring the healthful results and applications of pressure to the feet and hands. 

Soon we couldn’t get away from prolonged sitting—the idea that is. Article after article, study after study—we became fascinated with what happens when we sit too much. it was the reflex effect at work.

We discovered utilizing not only pressure sensors of the feet but also postural muscles of the body as one stands, walks and moves about had potential to create impact on metabolism, cognitive abilities, walking capabilities, and the basic human operating system. The result of such activity was impact on risk for lifestyle conditions such as weight gain, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer Alzheimer’s and more.

The result is the reflex “diet”, a “menu” of techniques and a “recipe” for how much and how often to apply them as told in Un-Sit Your Life, The Reflex Diet Solution, Change your sitting habits, Empower your life.Type your paragraph here.